For His Glory

Monday, September 25, 2006

Echo Prayer Manager

If you have trouble keeping track of prayer requests, Echo Prayer Manager can help you. Echo’s handy service allows you to create and manage your prayer list, schedule times throughout the week for specific needs and automatically send yourself emails or text messages as reminders.

Echo Prayer Manager also includes a built-in prayer journal that lets you chronicle developments in the areas you’re praying for and automatically keeps track of answered prayers. Try out their 30-Day Free Trial and then consider paying 2¢ per day (i.e. $8 per year) to continue the service.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stop and Think: Online Video Evangelism

One of my favorite new blogs,, brought this to my attention. So, to do my part in promoting this video, here it is. Also, be sure to check out The Rebelution. Josh Harris' two younger brothers run it and they do a fantastic job. Now, onto the film:

This excellent evangelistic video was produced by Think Inc., a small Christian film company based in Southern California.

This team of like-minded men and women have accomplished what is far too rare among Christian filmmakers, successfully integrating high-end quality with an engaging and powerful presentation of the gospel.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rock Climbing in Gainesville

I think I have found a new hobby. We went to The Rock Gym in Gainesville, this past Monday (Labor Day) for Bethany's birthday and I had a blast! This is definately something i want to get into. It was fun and challenging, yet at the same time it is great exercise. It felt as if I had just gotten back from working out at the gym after we were finished. We learned how to tie the knots, how to belay, how to rig the ropes and equipment, and how to catch a climber if they fall. Very cool.

Here I am sporting the sweet climbing shoes.
Learning the figure 8 safety knot.

Lending a hand.

Here I am belaying for Ethan.

The Olive Garden afterwards for Bethany's birthday.