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Monday, November 06, 2006

The Scandal

Tim Challies has wrote a recent article on the Ted Haggard scandal. He brings up some great points that no one else seems to be talking about. If not for the grace of God, it could be any of us in Haggard's situation. In light of this state of affairs, I have already began seeing how good can come from it. As we read the news stories, listen to the tv and radio reporters, and read people's opinions and thoughts on blogs, it has caused us (at least for me) to examine ourselves. My first reaction was that of what Tim says in his article about feeling morally and spiritually superior. What foolishness! Thank God for His grace in my life. In addtion to Tim's post, I also recommend Driscoll's words on protecting ourselves from sin.

Click here for Tim's article.
Click here for Driscoll's article.

Rick Phillips over at Reformation21 posted a article yesterday about this scandal. He discussed the two responses people are having about this story; "Denounce Ted" and "Just Like Ted." Below is the first paragraph of the article. He this goes into the pros and cons of each response.

It seems to me that the blogosphere reaction to the Ted Haggard scandal is breaking two ways. On one side are those who utterly denounce the man and see in him a glaring example of everything wrong in popular evangelicalism today. On the other side are those who want to stress that we are all rotten sinners "just like Ted Haggard" and that the only evangelical response is to mourn over one's own sin. As usual, there is something good and something troubling about both positions.

Click Here to Read Rick's Article


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